The Untold Stories design project was a personal project about women and self identity. I come from a country where women unfortunately do not have the equal social standing of a man. Even though I was raised in a very liberal family I still till today feel trapped in a chaos of societal norms.

My design project began by interviewing young women ages 18-23 years who have come to study in the United States from their homes back in India. I was keen on understanding how cultural narratives shaped and influenced their identities as women as well as how their experiences in the western culture helped shape their views on marriage, education, independence and gender expectations. Their stories fascinated me as it was similar as well as different to my own story.

After several prototypes I designed an online platform called ‘The Untold Stories’ which is a collection of conversations, a safe space to showcase their experiences. A platform where these cultural narratives and stories of self identity can be shared.