There is still a struggle that women face in most parts of the world. This projection portrays the unconscious dreams of a liberated woman who still feels lynched by the social norms and expectations of the male dominated society. There is a sense of warmth and burning that echoes the woman’s crumbling self esteem as well as her burning desire to be set free and take on her ambitions.

This dream sequence has dramatic bold colors of red and blue.The blue symbolize her optimism of the future. The burning red indicates her raw energy, intense power and courage. On the other hand it could also symbolize rejection and shame.The entire effect tries to mimic the photobleaching in our cells that are light sensitive.

The external sounds of the sirens, light rain and her breathing try to set the mood of the woman’s external environment. One can conjecture that she lives in a busy city, its a rainy night and that she is fast asleep. In her dream the woman sees the rebellion emerging from the soft crackling fire. The fire has multiple layers of meanings. It’s the symbol of aggression and male power but also linked with transformation and change.

The elements of sound, visual and poetry balance each other.


This project was inspired by a poem written by a close friend, Manu Rathore. I wanted to use his poem and convert it to an art installation that can be experienced by all our senses. I wanted to work with the concept of time and irreversible change and thus came up with the fire burning concept. The installation is meant to be experienced in an complete dark room with a video projection on one wall. The fire burns and the poem arrises from the ashes.


Rebellious, I swear
Her soul twisted
Aching for darkness
Her moans and groans
Awakened by the smell
Of despicable thoughts

Rebellious, I swear
When she tried hard
Asserting her identity
A woman of her own
Proud, swollen bosom
Trembling, terrified

Rebellious, I swear
How dare she asserts
What's her right by birth
The essence of her soul
To speak in a crowd
Of towering wise men

Rebellious, I swear
Take away her voice
Lynch her broken back
Cut her steady feet
Off with her proud head
Stab that feeling heart

Rebellious, I swear
What can she even do
Falling, peeling, ashamed
Of her own daring self
Embrace that silence
Just nod and sway

Rebellious, I swear
You? What about you?
Are you the one to dare
To rise against the towers?
Are you the one to try
To piece a broken glass?

Rebellious, I swear
Sacrilege runs in you
Deeper than the honest you
There sparks a rebellion
Burn these old towers
Ash to ash, dust to smoke

Rebellious, I swear
Because if you rise
So will I
And her
And him
And us all

Rebellious, we swear.