'OFFLINE’ stems from trying to understand behavioral patterns in people and their interaction with design and technology. And, in this case it is been primarily based on my observations on how people around me interacted with their mobile phones, whether it was shutting themselves out through music in a packed subway, taking continuous snapchat selfies at a social setting, scrolling through Facebook at meetings or editing Instagram photos in the classrooms.

Mobile phones are an intrinsic part of our everyday life, in fact they are no longer just tools of use but have transcended that to become emotional supports, we use them to as escape from an awkward situation, from being bored or just when we feel lonely. We have greater expectations from technology and less from each other.

The aim of my design project ‘OFFLINE’ (an app) was to make users aware of the time they spent on social media and the virtual world. The app encourages skills that allow for a more positive experience. I tried to devise a way where interaction could be more productive, rather than just taking away from the humanness of ourselves, it added to make our lives more fruitful and aware.